Trx-4 Link sets

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Brass links for the Trx-4. Outside diameter of links is 1/4 inch(6.35mm) Does not include ends. You must reuse your stock ends. If you would like links not specified here please just send us a message and we can send an invoice for special orders.

Links now include stainless set screws. They are no longer 1 piece. This change was done to improved strength. Weight is unchanged.

  • 2pc steering includes both steering links.
  • 4pc front includes 2 lower, 1 upper, and 1 panhard bar.
  • 4pc rear includes 2 lower and 2 upper rear links.
  • 4pc upper includes 1 front upper link, 1 panhard bar, 2 rear upper links.
  • 4pc lower includes 2 front lower and 2 rear lower links.
  • 10pc set includes all links and steering.

Weight is roughly double stock links.


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